Yellowlees – On The City Walls (2020)

Bring together two of the most intriguing singer-songwriters at the moment and what do you have? Well, ‘On The City Walls’ for one. Combining the folk-rock roots of Yellowlees with the indie-influenced sound of George Wilks and you have something truly superb. While they sound fantastic in collaboration, each artist has a strong reputation for engaging lyrics over smooth melodies. Featured in Turtle Tempo, RGM, Atwood Magazine and BBC Introducing, the pair sharing their music with international audiences. Now, they merge their skills in the charming single ‘On The City Walls’.

The first collaborative effort for Yellowlees and Wilks, ‘On The City Walls’ has a great deal of personal significance which is effortlessly shown in its melodic flow. Captivating from the first chord, the lads show that all the “bells and whistles” are not needed for a heartfelt love song. Incorporating acoustic guitars with a piano-influenced backing, ‘On The City Walls’ breaks boundaries with a jazz-influenced folk-rock sound. Yet, while the soothing music creates a heartfelt soundscape, it is the lyrical content that really captivates one.

Reminiscent of ‘More Than Words’ by Extreme, the simple execution of vulnerable lyricism with basic instrumentation oozes sincerity, sentimentality and impassioned fragility. In fact, the ballad’s beauty may lie in the simplicity of the harmonic vocals, acoustic guitar and enchanting piano-led backing. Bold and rich, the interwoven vocals soulfully add sensitivity and nostalgic melancholy; however, it is also the warm vocals which contribute to a disarmingly haunting single. Lingering long after the track ends, ‘On The City Walls’ is a sonic representation of young love.

For more from Yellowlees check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.
For more from George Wilks check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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