Linda – Best Friend (2021)

The saying that dogs are man’s best friend is undeniably true. If you have a pet you consider your best friend, Linda is right there with you. To show her appreciation of our furry friends, she has released the aptly titled single ‘Best Friend’. Through the single, she captures the affection we have for our pets and the happiness they effortlessly bring to our lives.

Together with her producer Abel Mihalik, Linda brings a sense of joy to your ears and makes you smile while you listen to this single. The duo met during the pandemic and have been putting together Linda’s debut album ever since. While the single is all about furry best friends, you don’t need to have a pet to feel the waves of love and affection woven into the track.

‘Best Friend’ has a really soulful yet groovy vibe to the opening that has your head moving to the rhythm from the first note. The easiness of the melody enhancing the touching lyrics and tender vocals. There are a few instruments that lightly make their way into the soundscape creating a depth to the melody. While it seems quite minimalistic, the stripped-back nature of the melody only makes the single better. It wraps around you like the unconditional love your pet has to offer whenever they see you. The guitar riffs are great as they send your brain back to days spend having fun with your pet and the happiness this brings.

Resting over the melody is Linda’s tender vocal performance. Her performance has a smile woven into it that fills you with good vibes and the endless pleasure that comes from the love of a pet. Through the lyrics, she highlights all the little things your pet does to make you happy and bring some brightness to your day. There is no way that you can listen to this song and not smile while wanting to hug your pet.

Linda fills you with the unconditional affection pets have for their owners while putting a smile on your face with ‘Best Friend’. The easy and stripped-back melody is touching and covers you in a warm hug. Her vocals are delicate as they rest on the music and draw your attention to all the good a pet can bring.

Find out more about Linda on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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