Sir & Lydia – Nature’s End (2021)

The climate crisis has put the importance of nature into the limelight and placed it in the minds of many people. Sir & Lydia are no different and are paying tribute to the environment with their single ‘Nature’s End’. While an ode to nature, there is an earnest plea to save it woven into the tones.

Mia Achurch-Guth (vocals, keyboards) and James Armstrong (vocals, guitars) combine their folk sound with rock stylings and sampled natural sounds. After coming together in 2019, they have been building a following drawn to the love, acceptance and peace of their music. While their usual sound delves into folk tones, this single brings an inspired psych-rock sound to the majesty of nature.

‘Nature’s End’ slowly draws you into the single with natural sounds including bird song. The guitar smoothly slides out from under the natural sounds for a soothing wash of sound. There is a rock edge to the guitar, but this is tempered by the folk sensibilities of the duo. The melody has a moving vibe that sweeps through your senses. Through the music, you can feel the grass beneath your bare feet and the chill of an early morning. The music invokes a vivid sensory experience that is wonderfully relaxing while letting you feel the majesty of nature and its healing powers.

While the movement of the melody has you enjoying everything nature has to offer, the vocals are a true ode to the environment. Armstrong’s vocals draw your attention to different aspects of nature in a way that makes you long to feel them. When Achurch-Guth’s vocals enter, their voices meld to form an almost dreamy airy line like the mists of the early morning. There is a tender feeling to the vocals that fill you with awe at the majesty of everything they describe. While filled with the beauty of the world, there is a touch of sadness to the single as they plea for the continuation of nature and its preservation.

Sir & Lydia pay tribute to nature and fill you with its majesty through the moving tones of ‘Nature’s End’. Every element of the single makes you want to head out into nature and experience everything it has to offer. Woven into this tribute is a call for the preservation of nature that is as touching as the ode.

Find out more about Sir & Lydia on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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