Linda – Little Prince (2021)

Linda is drawing on a familiar story for her single ‘Little Prince’. Through the single, she considers how she connects with the character in the story at different times based on what she is feeling and experiencing. While the single is rich in symbolism and varying emotions, there is a journey through life woven into the lyrics leading to an understanding that you can keep dreaming even as an adult.

Linda has placed an important message in the imagery and symbolism of the single that waits for listeners to find it. To bring this to life, she works with Abel Mihalik who plays all the instruments and produced the single. They met online at the start of the pandemic and have been steadily working together ever since.

The guitar that opens ‘Little Prince’ has this wonderful classic rock vibe to it that travels down your spine. The guitar line makes you want to sway to the rhythm as it leads you into the rich tones of the verses. For the verses, the music drops to allow the vocals to sink their hooks into you before rising with a pulse of guitars for the chorus. Through all of this, a soulful slide rests on the edge of the melody that enhances the gentle twinkles that come and go. The melody travels from smooth and soulful to borderline anthemic on the chorus.

As you feel the guitar slide against your skin, Linda’s vocals are a seductive and silken layer that drapes over your senses. Her performance slinks through the verses before rising on powerful wings for the chorus. The soulful touch of the melody bolsters the velveteen slide of her vocals that have you hooked to her sound. The harmonising backing vocals that come through at times push her voice to new levels. The chorus is really catchy as it soars around your being making you want to shout out with it or turn the volume up. While the lyrics touch on connections with the story of the Little Prince, you don’t really need to know the story to get the full effect of the track.

Linda slides into your ears with a smooth and silken vocal performance against soulful rock instrumentation in ‘Little Prince’. The melody is a decadent mixture of rock and soul that sways into your senses. Her vocals are powerful as she fills you with emotion and takes you on a journey through the lyrics.

Find out more about Linda on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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