Vanden Dool – You Will Not Love Me Forever (2022)

There are a lot of things in the world that causes anxiety and artists often face anxieties others do not. This is something that Vanden Dool has artfully woven into his single ‘You Will Not Love Me Forever’. While the track is about the anxiety of fans forgetting about artists, the masterful composition also plays out like a paranoid love song.

In his most collaborative official release, Dool has teamed up with Megan Brown (backing vocals, violin) and Gabriel Thaine Olson (piano). While coming from the windswept prairies of Canada, Dool’s music leans toward indie-rock and electronic-pop instead of the more expected country and hard rock. Since his first official debut album in 2019, Dool has been steadily building a loyal following as he hones his skills and crafts his sound.

‘You Will Not Love Me Forever’ pulses to life with a deep drone before you are picked up and tumbled along the sound by the roll of the drums. There is a steady movement to the low levels of the melody that effortlessly leads you down the single. Once you are on the line of the beats, you are hooked as the higher layers of the melody lighten for a gentle touch. The violin is a tender glow of warm light that lifts the edges of your lips into a small smile. Through the single, there is a feeling of brightening energy that makes you feel lighter the longer you listen. This is a little at odds with the sombre and melancholic tone of the vocals.

Dool’s vocals are as steady as the beats in the melody with his rather matter of fact delivery driving the emotions of the track. Through the lyrics, he acknowledges that love can be felt at the moment but this doesn’t mean it is here to stay forever. While the focus of the single is people moving on from artists they love now and leaving them in the past, the lyrics have been crafted in such a way that they transcend this. Through his performance, you feel like you are looking into the thoughts of someone who is sure the person they love is going to leave them. This enhances the melancholic feeling of the single while bringing a strange certainty and resignation.

‘You Will Not Love Me Forever’ brings a steady march of melancholy and resignation through the artful musical crafting of Vanden Dool. The drone and beats of the melody hook you into the flow of the track while the violin warms your senses. His vocal performance has a matter of fact vibe that bolsters the melancholy of the emotions.

Find out more about Vanden Dool on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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