Ash Daily – Kiana (2020)

Giving your heart to someone can be a risk as you hope they will not break it. This is not what happened to Ash Daily and the experience has been turned into his single ‘Kiana’. Using an indie-pop soundscape with a touch of emo, he tells the story of a girl who made him believe in true love and carried his heart before dropping it without any remorse.

A relatable tale, it is Daily’s emotive vocals that really make the single. After feeling terrible for 72 days, he is here to help others heal from their heartbreak. While Daily plays the majority of the instruments on the single, his childhood friend Aniki provides the majority of the beats.

The guitar lines that open ‘Kiana’ have a nostalgic and almost whimsical feeling to them. Through the haze of nostalgia, you can feel a sadness that comes through on the verses. The melody changes slightly for the chorus with a beat that pounds through you. There is a slight emo push in the lower levels that perfectly matches the lyrics. There are a couple of swings in the melody that works so well with the lyrics and emotions of the track. As the music turns, the emotions laced into the vocals change with them.

Daily’s vocals swing with emotion as much as the melody. He opens with reminiscing of when he met Kiana only for this to change into a realisation that all is not as it seems. His voice is soft and gentle at this point before turning a heartbreaking call out on the chorus. The second verse is all emo rap as you are hit with the full weight of sadness within the single. As you work through the emotions and lyrics, you are led to a sense of healing.

Ash Daily helps you work through heartbreak with the swinging melody of ‘Kiana’. Daily really showcases his versatility with the single as it turns from pop to emo-rap and a burst of beats on the chorus. The lyrics are a great journey through nostalgia and moving on.

Find out more about Ash Daily on his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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