Lisa Goldin – Something I Used to Wear (2022)

A lot of people have been in relationships they thought would last forever, only for them to come crashing down. These relationships form the basis of ‘Something I Used to Wear’ by Lisa Goldin, a single that has been three heartbroken years in the making. Originally written in 2016, the single was reworked twice before forming the pop sound of today that considers how some relationships have a sell-by date.

While this song has been years in the making, Goldin has been releasing touching music that lights up the entire room. Since her first release, she has topped new and emerging artist lists, toured across the world and written a successful book in conjunction with her album Who Are You, Again?. With a host of career highlights already under her belt, she is moving up and up in the music world, leaving a trail of bright light in her wake.

‘Something I Used to Wear’ has a fun feeling to the stop-start opening that is infused with a light sense of nostalgia. The music has you feeling like you are looking back on a good memory that turns bittersweet. The violins that bubbles against the opening line leads you to a really funky burst of sound. The horns have an uplifting vibe to them as they shrug off the problems of the past and lead you into a brighter feeling. The music is packed with fun vibes that you can’t help but have a good time with. This hits harder on the chorus as the beats and horn blast sunny days and positive feelings through the melody.

The bright and lively feeling of the track comes through in the vocals, as well as the melody. Goldin’s opening vocal line drops you into a memory that is meant to be happy, but comes with a sobering realisation. The drop in the stomach that comes with the realisation turns into a blast of empowerment. Her performance is catchy and makes you want to turn up the volume only so you can shout out with her. The journey laid out in the lyrics is one that many people can relate to and puts a smile on your face.

Lisa Goldin takes a sobering realisation and turns it into a fun and bright transformation in the upbeat and lively ‘Something I Used to Wear’. The music has a stop-start opening that turns into a blast of good vibes with the horns. Goldin’s vocals bring the journey of the story to life with catchy lyrics that make you want to sing along.

Find out more about Lisa Goldin on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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