VOCAL LONER – 1976 (2022)

Inspired by the likes of Arctic Monkeys, dodie, Orla Gartland, and Simon & Garfunkel, singer-songwriter VOCAL LONER has a unique style. Blending elements of pop, folk and indie-rock, the Swedish artist brings old-school charm to contemporary vibes. Featured on KMS Reviews, Less Than 1000 Followers, Indie Top 39, York Calling, Pop Muzik and Edgar Allan Poets, VOCAL LONER is reaching audiences across the globe. The latest addition to her critically acclaimed discography is the single ‘1976’.

Described as a “melodic masterpiece” by KMS Reviews, ‘1976’ is a heartfelt, sincere and genuinely exquisite song. Using her skills as a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, VOCAL LONER sends off a haunting vibe in the melodic arrangement. Her otherworldly vocals meld effortlessly with soft piano, dynamic guitars and pounding drums reaching out into the soundscape with a kaleidoscopic blast.

While the melody holds its own pushing indie-rock vibes into a smooth pop ballad, it is VOCAL LONER’s vocals and the poetic lyricism that really captivates me. A young artist with only three singles to her name, one being a cover version of The Beatles’ ‘Eleanor Rigby’, one would imagine an innocent immaturity; however, VOCAL LONER is utterly sophisticated with a mature reflection in the sincere lyrics.

Filled with nostalgic insight and a heartfelt reflection, VOCAL LONER shares that ‘1976’ is a tale of tragedy. VOCAL LONER explains that “this is, again, a tragic love song from another perspective – more of a tragic love story…a story about a man who fell in love with a girl in the audience at one of his shows, their subsequent relations and its downfall after years of a toxic lifestyle filled with depression and addiction.” Inspired by A Star Is Born, starring Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson, the song is moving, evocative and provocative.

Singing with sophistication beyond her years, VOCAL LONER touches us with her sentimental and brutally honest song ‘1976’. KMS Reviews may call it a “melodic masterpiece”, but I call it simply sublime.

For more from VOCAL LONER check out her Instagram and Spotify.

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