Longsman – Standing on My Own (2020)

Who we are today is a result of what has happened to us in the past. Taking a look back can bring a well of emotion and that is just what Longsman allows you to experience with his first EP Standing on My Own. The EP reflects on his life looking at people who stand by you and the emotions dredged up by missed opportunities. While focused on his personal experiences, the moments of each track are so universal that you are able to easily connect.

Adam White, the man behind Longsman, uses his heartfelt and honest style to draw you into each track. Written and recorded by White, each track touches on a different emotion and will leave you feeling a real connection with him and your own past.

The EP starts with ‘New Horizon’ which is a title that makes you think of something good, but the song is actually about depression. The opening guitar notes wonderfully draw you into the track and the interplay between the two lines sets the scene of the theme. There is a darker guitar line throughout this song that represents depression. However, the lyrics and vocals fight against this dark anchor drawing you down. White’s performance is wonderfully nuanced as you hear a yearning to move on alongside a resignation to his emotions.

‘Can’t Have It All’ has this drumbeat that gently grabs your attention and does not let go. The guitar line that lightly rests over the shuffling beat complements White’s vocals perfectly as he creates this higher level. Overall, there is a more rock feel to this song compared to the last. Looking at sacrifices to achieve goals, the track has an amazing arrangement that moves from wanting it all to a punch of knowing that something has to give. The lyrics are poignant in an easy way while the guitar lines slice through you in the most pleasant way imaginable.

The light wavering opening of ‘By Your Side’ turns into this lightly driving melody that propels you into the body of the track. While you are driven by the beat, there is something calm about this song highlighted by the vocals. This is a wonderful sonic device when combined with the lyrics and message of the track which is all about someone being by your side. The melody is interesting because it has a discord to it that pounds against you at times only to be rebuffed by the smooth vocals and catchy lyrics.


The next track is ‘Too Late’ which looks back at those missed opportunities we all seem to have. There is something very cool about this song as it gets you into this laid-back vibe from the start. The vocals have this nostalgia to them as they gently lap against your ears. While there is a melancholic thread hiding in the track, it is not overwhelming. It is more a reminiscence that leaves you with a bittersweet feeling, but not overwhelming sadness. This is potentially my favourite track on the EP because it is easy to listen to while still bringing up a well of emotions.

‘Moments in Time’ opens with an almost upbeat vibe to it, particularly when compared to the last song. There is a positivity infused into this track making it a different take on grief and the loss of a loved one. Instead of focusing on the negative emotions, White looks at the positive memories that you have of a lost loved one at different times. This song gives you a sense of hope that the deep sadness of losing someone will be replaced with happier reminders.

The EP ends with the title track ‘Standing On My Own’ which is a look back on the moment when you realise that you’re the adult. There is a sense of struggle in the vocals that perfectly captures the feelings of learning yourself and how to stand on your own. Interestingly, there are actually two sides to this track with one looking at starting your life on your own and the other being alone without someone to love. The two sides are perfectly combined through the lyrics giving each their time.

Longsman connects you with a range of emotions both positive and negative in the reminiscing of Standing on My Own. The EP covers a range of moments in life from missed opportunities to the loss of a loved one and struggling to stand on your own. While each track is based on his experiences, White is able to lay everything out in a way that touches your heart.

Find out more about Longsman on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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