K THX BYE – PCH (2021)

Are you looking for a song that captures the good vibes that remain at the end of summer? You are in the right place as that is exactly what K THX BYE bring with their single ‘PCH’. The electronic pop tones of the track perfectly capture the feeling of heading home from the coast feeling the end of summer heat whipping past you through the open windows of the car.

To bring this end of summer vibe to our ears, Lyndsi Austin, Chris Qualls and Danny DeLeon merge their talents for a sound that has nostalgia meeting freshness. With a touch of wistful synths added to a contemporary sound, they create music that sticks in your brain without you realising it.

‘PCH’ pulses to life with pops of synth tones that bring a nostalgic vibe to your senses. This is wrapped around the warmth of summer that sinks into your skin and warms you. When the beats enter, they bring a depth to the synth tones to create texture for the melody. Through all of this, the summer vibes remain and swirl around you in an irresistible flow. As the song progresses, you can feel the air whipping around your hair as you drive down the open road. This is accompanied by a youthful and freeing energy that settles wonderfully in your chest.

Adding to the bright energy of the single are Austin’s vocals that bring another higher layer to the track. Her voice is clear and powerful as she dives into lyrics that paint a picture of a fun summer. The backing vocals that bring an electronic edge to the track are a great addition. Through the lyrics, you are taken on a journey of spontaneous fun that hides a sense of uncertainty.

K THX BYE fill you with the warmth of the end of summer sun while freeing your spirit as you fly down the open road in ‘PCH’. The melody is a wonderful blend of lightly nostalgic synths and contemporary beats. The vocals are clear, bright and powerful as they drop you into a spontaneous summer adventure.

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