Lorensa – Birthday (2020)

There are times when the name of a single can be misleading and ‘Birthday’ by Lorensa is one of those songs. While the name makes you think about the actual day you were born, the single is about so much more. It considers the expectations we have of the people in our lives then works through an awakening and being okay with being alone. It is about putting yourself first and not caring about what other people have to say.

This encompassing track was written on Lorensa’s last birthday which explains the name. She has been pursuing her musical career in the USA since 2016 spending birthdays away from her family. She has turned her emotions and experiences of this trying time into real-life messages send out into the world through her music.

The progressive opening of ‘Birthday’ slowly leads you to thumping beats and clicking tones. The RnB flow of the melody is easy on the ears as you slide along it. There is a great smoothness to the music that highlights the relative simplicity of the arrangement. The paced shuffling rubs against you while the thumping beat of the opening continues to lead you through the single. The depth of the music forms a foundation for Lorensa’s vocals to really shine.

The driving flow of the song comes from Lorensa’s vocals which carry the primary melodic slide of the music. Her angelic delivery flutters above the music and pulses with emotion. Through the lyrics, you are asked to not give birthday wishes and focus more on the emotions that roil inside. There is a sadness within her delivery that is a wonderful vehicle for self-discovery. You are drawn further into this discovery through the lyrics in the latter half of the track. The echoing backing vocals enhance the messaging in her performance.

Lorensa considers expectations, works through self-discovery and embraces being alone while shedding the need for approval from others in ‘Birthday’. The single has a wonderful RnB slide to the music which forms a solid foundation for her angelic vocals. Through her performance, you are presented with the sad emotions she felt while alone only to be led to an awakening.

Find out more about Lorensa on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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