Louie Garcon – The Moon Is Not There (2020)

Louie Garcon is blending naïve revelations with a bittersweet twist in his debut single ‘The Moon Is Not There’. Using a psychedelic soft rock soundscape, he has you looking at things with innocence only to fill you with a dissonant twist. This duality leaves you reeling in a sonic space that you feel you know yet have also forgotten somehow.

Garcon is the new moniker for a random person who feelings around 42 years old inside. This alter ego draws on its innocence and the experience of the random person for a unique sound. Being dark and mysterious with a flash of shyness, you won’t forget about Garcon any time soon.

‘The Moon Is Not There’ uses a gentle guitar line to draw you in. The deep drums that thump against your ears come in and meld with the other instruments to send you soaring. There is a freeing feeling to the music as you gently glide along the soundscape. The guitar line sends you flying over the mountains as it fills you with innocence. The melody has a very easy vibe to it that you can close your eyes and relax back into.

Melding with the gentle melody is Garcon’s voice. His performance continues the thread of innocent revelations woven into the melody. However, there is a feeling of something deeper within his performance. There is a mysterious edge to his performance that makes you think about twilight creeping over the landscape. As you relax into the melody, his vocals wash over you with a gentle warmth that is a pleasure to experience.

Louie Garcon sends you soaring over the mountains with the gentle yet intriguing soundscape of ‘The Moon Is Not There’. The warm melody has you gliding through the soundscape while his vocals drape over you like twilight.

Find out more about Louie Garcon on his YouTube and Spotify.

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