Love Crumbs – Ellipses (2021)

It has been a decade since Love Crumbs released any material, but now we are so glad they are back! Regrouping in 2020, the US-based trio began releasing intimate, vulnerable and heartwarming melodies. Known for their engaging lyrics and charming sounds, the group has a reputation of “unquestionable musicianship and an almost unfathomable beauty”, according to Audiotox. The latest single in their discography is ‘Ellipses’.

Moving from the folk-rock single ‘Cavalcades’, Love Crumbs show their innovativeness by merging elements of indie-rock, indie-pop and folk in sophomore single ‘Ellipses’. the combination of dynamic guitars and pounding drums create a melodic foundation for the deeper lyricism and beguiling vocals. Moreover, the interspersed “plink plonks” of a piano contributes to a soothing, smooth and flowing ambience in ‘Ellipses’.

While Love Crumbs do stand alone with their intensity, there is a reminiscence to Dolly Parton and Joni Mitchell in tone and lyrical depth. The vocals are bold and rich, however, a sense of vulnerability can be heard in their timbre. Exposing the fragility of the human spirit, ‘Ellipses’ has a nostalgic reflection that is felt in soul-stirring harmonies. Oddly, while there is a look at personal trauma and inner turmoil, the single has a lingering sense of sophisticated empowerment. It seems the group find a balance between wistful innocence and mature insight in this addictive track.

In addition to their single, Love Crumbs released an official video for ‘Ellipses’. What I enjoy about this video is its simplicity and sense of authenticity. Focusing primarily on the band performing in a front room and on the stairs, Love Crumbs add an engaging and comforting visual element to ‘Ellipses’. While there is a basicness in the performance, the video does not overlook the raw talent behind the tune. Specific scenes show us the band “jamming” in a charming setting showcasing the intensity and intimacy of the song. Bonus points: the video does not contain and strobe lighting or flashing effects and can be viewed by people with photosensitive epilepsy.

For more from Love Crumbs check out their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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