Geena Gangi – Luna (2021)

Every person shines with a different type of light but it is often those that shine like the sun that we are drawn to and compare ourselves to. Geena Gangi is turning her attention to those that shine like moonlight with a subtle and gentle glow with ‘Luna’. Through the single, she highlights how beautiful this type of light is and that it is not lesser for being more subtle.

A single that can be taken as a love song or a push for self-love, it encourages us not to hold ourselves up to others to recognise our worth. Gangi is again joined by Mike Walsh for the single. The pair met in high school and became a couple who have made music together for the past 4 yours.

The gentle piano line that opens ‘Luna’ has you floating on a cloud of softness. The flow of the music is so peaceful that you can’t help but sink into it and feel your soul filled with light. The delicacy of the music touches something deep in your chest and helps the lyrics hit harder. While the melody is driven by the piano, there is a light swelling beneath it that gives way to bells that twinkle like the stars at night. While the melody seems relatively simple, there is a heavy emotional hit that comes through the softness.

The tenderness of the vocals only bolsters the emotion that the melody started. Her voice is delicate and carries this honesty that makes the messaging she brings more powerful. There is a wonderful intimacy to her performance that wraps around your shoulders and makes you feel good about everything. The lyrics can easily be taken as a love song, but there is also a thread of self-love woven into them.

Geena Gangi touches your soul with the intimate and delicate tones of ‘Luna’. Through the gentle music, you are sent to float on a cloud of good vibes and love. Her vocals continue the delicacy of the melody while bringing an honest intimacy that sinks into your chest and fills you with light.

Find out more about Geena Gangi on her Instagram and Spotify.

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