Sätilä – Plan B (2021)

With his latest EP Plan B, Sätilä is drawing on the music of his youth for the indie and alternative rock sounds. A change from his last EP which was packed with electronic and synth tones, the tracks cover everything from unrequited love to life choices. Born from jam sessions, each track swells with emotion and the journey of personal evolution.

Two of the tracks on the EP were written a few years ago and have just been waiting for the right moment to shine. With the last year having cancelled live gigs, Sätilä has been embracing other means of getting his music out. He did a live stream concert and was the first Finnish artist to perform on the audio app Clubhouse.

The EP opens with the title track ‘Plan B’ which has delightful plucky feeling to it. You will find your toes tapping to the beats as you listen. Sätilä’s vocals are captivating as he pulls you into an internal conversation that most of us have had at some time. While steeped in doubts there is a very positive message in the track as he pushes you to chase your dreams regardless. There is a really empowering feeling to the song that makes you smile and fortifies your spirit for the steps that you need to take.

The next song is ‘Love Worth Fighting For’ that has you grooving to its vibe from the first paced guitar tone. Sätilä’s vocals are a soft layer over the engaging beat that has pulls you in with gentle tones before grabbing your hand and drawing you into the stratosphere. There is another empowering message in the track that lets you know you can fight on even after you have faced rejection and unrequited love. Moving on is the answer in the track and the soaring feeling opens your heart to the possibilities of what waits just over the next wave. The guitar solo later in the track is completely absorbing and utterly addictive.

‘Truths’ has a delicate feeling compared to the last track with a light cresting of light in the opening. This more subdued feeling in the track provides a reflective feeling to the track which perfectly highlights the messaging of the lyrics. There are some seriously heavy questions being addressed with this song but the gentle opening and engaging guitars make them seem less daunting. Through the track, Sätilä gently coaxes you to find your own answers to the questions he asks in the chorus while providing context in the verses. The music does start to roll with an increase in pace later in the track but the reflective edge remains.

The EP comes to a close with the thumping tones of ‘Island’. The vibes of the music again take a completely different route with a punch to the music that gets your head moving to it. There is a rather upbeat feeling to the music and vocals which is a little at odds with some of the lyrics. While the lyrics confront feeling that you have not done enough, the light vibes of the track makes you feel better about everything. The lyrics take a turn later in the track to help you shrug off the negatives and realise that you can move forward to something brighter with a change of mindset.

Sätilä touches on a lot of heavy topics with a softness and uplifting vibe in Plan B. Each track has a different feeling that perfectly enhance the emotional messaging of the lyrics and vocals. With upbeat tones thrown into soothing and swelling tones, the EP has you thinking about some hard topics without the dread they often bring.

Find out more about Sätilä on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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