Jade 10 – I Am Beautiful (2021)

Identity and self-worth are two things that many people struggle with making it hard to feel good about themselves. This is something that Jade 10 is hoping to combat with her uplifting single ‘I Am Beautiful’. Coming to life from an idea during a meeting between Jade 10’s father and songwriter friend Tre Carn, the track brings a message of hope to anyone struggling and feeling down.

While written by Carn, it was determined that Jade 10 would sing it as she could relate to the friends it is directed at better. With beautiful and shining vocals, she chases negativity away and replaces it with hope for a brighter future. Combining Jade 10’s stunning vocals with the lyricism of Carn, they have created a touching single that definitely has you turning to a lighter path.

The folky opening of ‘I Am Beautiful’ puts you at ease and has you sinking into the single. There is something so peaceful about the acoustic guitar line that you can’t help but feel some of the darkness lifting away. The moving beats have you swaying to their rhythm while adding texture to the track. In the background, there are almost ambient sounds that lap against your senses. As the single progresses, the melody rises with an air of confidence to lift the remaining darkness from your soul.

While the melody lifts darkness from your life, it is the vocals that really bring the positive punch. The lyrics dive into all the things that can pull you down and make you feel worthless or lesser than others. This acknowledgement of negativity is the first step to overcoming it. The mantra of the chorus bolstered by the positivity of the backing vocals gives you the strength to carry the confidence of the track into your life. It is an extremely relatable single that leaves you feeling so much lighter than when you started listening. While you know that the single itself is not enough to overcome all negativity, it does start you on the right path to finding inner happiness.

Jade 10 lifts negativity from your shoulders while setting you on the path to finding self-worth and inner happiness with ‘I Am Beautiful’. The gentle melody sets you at ease while washing your senses with light to chase dark thoughts away. Jade 10’s vocals are soft and relatable as she addresses problems and provides an uplifting mantra to take into the rest of your life.

Find out more about Jade 10 on her Spotify.

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