Luke Jones – Where Do We Go (2020)

Known for his meaningful lyricism coupled with soothing, addictive and melodic sound, 21-year-old Luke Jones composes and performs with a maturity beyond his years. The singer-songwriter from North Wales can be described as a Sam Fender meets The Mystery Jets artist, but his originality makes him a stand-alone name on people’s lips. After his well-received debut single ‘Follow Suit’, Jones once again enchants listeners with the soothing yet sombre ‘Where Do We Go’.

Recorded with producer Russ Hayes at Orange Sound Studios, Jones pairs a soft melody with compelling lyrics and a catchy groove. Building on his reputation for raw honesty, ‘Where Do We Go’ adopts a controversial stance for modern adults. Daunting and thought-provoking, the new single touches on topics of suicide, mental health issues, toxic masculinity, government conspiracies and the impact of social media on society. Thing is, while he discusses serious situations his warm vocals make it seem, well, pleasant.

Conceived when going “off on a tangent” talking about the current sociopolitical climate and how young people deal with these problems, Jones states that ‘Where Do We Go’ “just came to me…”. It is amusing that the lyrics were written in the notes of his phone while waiting for his girlfriend – a sign of modern technology at work among young adults.

Lyrically, ‘Where Do We Go’ is brash, blunt and shoves your face into the devastating reality in which we live. Sonically, however, the simple instrumentation combines with Jones’ effortless vocals creating a hypnotic, tranquil and beguiling single. Jones has also released a music video for ‘Where Do We Go’ that can be viewed on his YouTube.

You can find out more about Luke Jones via his FacebookSpotify and Instagram.

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