SWiiMS – Hand of Love (2020)

Combining elements of New Wave with dream-pop and shoegaze, SWiiMS is a band not to be pigeon-holed. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, this talented foursome began when guitarist Colin Thompson and drummer Ken Hume came upon singer and guitarist Mai Diaz Langou. Her languid vocals melded well with the group’s simple 60s style sound. Add bassist Cian O’Ruanaidh and they discovered the ideal foursome to create unique, soothing music.

Only releasing their debut singles and EP in 2020, SWiiMS is a relatively new name in the indie music scene, but this has not hampered their skill. Bouncing onto the board, Langou, Thompson, O’Ruanaidh and Hume have quickly gained a loyal following and reputation for melodic tunes with catchy choruses. ‘Hand of Love’ is the third single off their debut EP Through Waves.

Inspired by the Britpop, New Wave and dream-pop artists, SWiiMS share a soft, soothing and somewhat synth-y sound with their listeners. Showing a similarity to The Beach Boys, The Beatles and The Hollies, ‘Hands of Love’ walks the line between jangle-pop and indie-rock. Truth be told, while there is a reminiscence to bands of yesteryear, SWiiMS has an originality that is genre-bending. ‘Hands of Love’ encapsulates the melding of styles with its flowing sound.

Combining simple instrumentation with Langou’s poetic vocals makes the track elegant and sincere. What I find interesting is the prominence of each instrument in the track without seeming disjointed. The steady drums immersed with dynamic guitar riffs and compelling vocals is truly entrancing. While this track is amidst others with similar tunes, ‘Hand of Love’ demonstrates a more sophisticated and mature side to SWiiMS.

In addition to their new EP, SWiiMS has released an official music video for ‘Hands of Love’ which can be viewed HERE.

For more on the band, check out their official websiteFacebookTwitterInstagram and Spotify.  

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