LULL – The Great Strain (2021)

LULL is bringing the values and standards of hardcore culture for their single ‘The Great Strain’. These values are brought to life with an alternative grunge tone that takes you back to the 90s. With heavy driven tones, the band has your emotions welling up while you get down to their music.

These values are brought to you by Grant Andrews (vocals, guitar), Jack Jacob (drums), Mitch Tilley (bass) and Jordan Evans (guitar). Coming out of the North East UK scene, the band are looking to grow and their potential will grab you from the first second. The energy and passion that fills their music is undeniable and will sweep you up in the blast of emotional sound.

‘The Great Strain’ pulls you in with deep thrumming bass. There is a wonderful build-up in the music as the bass leads you to the crash of guitars and drums. The chorus is all alternative tones that crash through your brain. The depth of the melody has your head moving to it while that bassline vibrates in your chest. The rise of tension in the music is an emotive melodic device that has your feelings crashing out on the chorus with the music and vocals.

The movement of the melody is enhanced by Andrews’ vocals. His performance is smooth rock tone for the verses before he calls out with grunge power in the chorus. The emotions threaded into his outcry will make you want to shout with him to release the emotions that you keep bottled inside. There is a lot to relate to in the lyrics as you gain a connection with others who feel out of place.

LULL brings the standards and values of hardcore culture to your ears with a grunge tinge through the infectious tones of ‘The Great Strain’. With thrumming basslines and crashing choruses, the band has you swept up in the emotions of the vocals. Andrews’ offers you an emotional connection through his performance and the highly relatable lyrics.

Find out more about LULL on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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