Lydia Briggs – Not My Mistake (2020)

Lydia Briggs is an indie-pop powerhouse who has five singles under her belt. While young, she captivates audiences with her powerful vocals and lyrical prowess. She writes her own songs and injects them with a blues-influenced piano style.

Her latest release ‘Not My Mistake’ reflects her commitment to stand up for the positive change we all seek. The song was written after a gig, in a bar bathroom after an emotional breakup. All the words she wanted to communicate that evening are clear in this moving track.

‘Not My Mistake’ does not waste any time getting started. From the first second, you enter all the words left unsaid. The lyrics of the track are relatable and emotive. Briggs’ performance is moving and you can hear the emotions of the lyrics in every word.

The melody of the song is stripped back adding more power to the performance. Having only the vocals with a piano and drums strips the song down to the bones and makes it more compelling.

Lydia Briggs gets everything out in ‘Not My Mistake’ through a powerful performance. The track is stripped back, but Briggs’ ability to belt out an emotional performance more than makes up for this. In fact, the simplicity of the track makes the performance more potent and keeps you hooked.

Find out more about Lydia Briggs on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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