Luna Keller – Prophecy (2020)

With ‘A Ray of Light’ and ‘I’ll Bring You Home’, Luna Keller showed us her vocal prowess and the moody movements of her music. She is now turning this to her most vulnerable song yet with ‘Prophecy’. The single was written two years ago with the words feeling like a prediction she couldn’t yet make sense of. Over time, the meaning became clear while it quickly became a favourite at her live shows.

The single takes listeners on a journey through an uncertain future. The only guiding lights are hope and the firm belief that this is the right path. A song that we can all connect with more in these uncertain times, it invites you to take a leap of faith believing that there will be solid ground when you land.

‘Prophecy’ draws you into the vulnerable soundscape with a delicate acoustic guitar line. The gentle melody places you in an intimate space for the lyrics and Keller’s vocals to sweep through you. A relatively minimalistic melody, the flow of the music has you floating to the emotions of the track. There is a sense of searching in the music as it seems to reach out for a guiding light. The shuffling beats that come in later offer the light that the music is looking for.

While the melody pulls you into the single, it is Keller’s vocals that really make the track. Her earthy timbre dances against your senses as the lyrics sweep over you. Through her performance, you can feel the tendrils of an uncertain future grasping at the edges of your vision. These tendrils give way to the encouragement threaded into her vocals pushing you to take a leap of faith.

The beautifully gentle music is accompanied by an equally gentle music video. Shot at the La Poeme theatre in Brussels, the video shows Keller playing the single on the stage. There are a few people in the seats gently swaying with you to the music. The simplicity of the music video helps you connect with the emotions of the track more. It is a captivating video to watch as you get lost in the sounds of the song.

Luna Keller takes you on a journey through an uncertain future and encourages you to take a leap of faith in the vulnerable and earthy ‘Prophecy’. The melody gently covers you and has you searching for a guiding light. Keller’s vocals add a grounded touch while encouraging you to believe in what you are doing and leap into the unknown.

Find out more about Luna Keller on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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