Lukka – Feed Me (2020)

Coming out of New York City, Lukka is a refreshing music project offering a unique sound. Drawing on a range of genres and influences, she uses her dynamic range as the backbone of her music. The mercurial creativity of Lukka is clear in her latest release ‘Feed Me’.

The track is a perfect combination of electronic influences and indie rock with eclectic arrangements. Lukka’s ability to meld different influences from Blonde Redhead to New Order and Haim into one is on clear display. The natural consolidation allows everything to fit without trying too hard.

‘Feed Me’ opens with trippy synth reminiscent of the 80s. The echo effects this leads to continues that aesthetic before you are hit with Lukka’s vocals. Her voice enters the track at the perfect time while adding a psychedelic feeling to the song.

The arrangement of the song changes to a slower melody with more harmonisations and an almost dreamy feeling. The changing rhythmic patterns keep you guessing throughout the song and highlights the creativity behind the track. There is a complexity in the tune lying under the simpler 80s influences.

Lukka has created a sonic feast with ‘Feed Me’ adding pinches of indie rock to a plate of 80s synth. The song is topped off with an eclectic rhythmic arrangement that keeps you wondering what will happen next. The vocal performance is as strong as the creativity of the track.

Find out more about Lukka on her website, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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