Lyon Tide – Closure (2021)

When a relationship goes awry, it can be difficult to move on. With their debut single ‘Closure’, Lyon Tide take on these moments. Through their gentle rock soundscape, they look at getting closure with the person you were in love with which brings the ability to move forward. Engaging and relatable, the single will have you feeling ready to move on.

Darren Barnard (vocals, guitar), Anthony La Pusata (keyboards) and Girish Patel (bass, drums) met when they had the same class at Art College. Sharing a passion for music, they joined forces for jam sessions before becoming a band. While their debut focuses on relationships, there is something bigger about the feeling of closure they provide.

‘Closure’ has a wonderful depth to it that comes through from the first beat. The tapping tones combine with hazy keys and a lilting guitar line to draw you into the soundscape. There is an airy vibe floating in the higher levels of the track while the strumming guitar wraps a string around you before soaring into anthemic beauty. When the guitar takes off, your senses fly alongside it as tendrils spread out in search of something. The movement of the music wonderfully captures the search for closure through the soaring lines only to drop for an intimate contemplation.

Barnard’s vocals gently lap against your brain as it rests on the melody. The harmonising vocals have a haziness that floats around like mist rolling off the sea. As the song progresses, the vocals merge with the searching tendrils of the melody in their quest for closure. There is a yearning in the vocals for the peace that comes with closure and the ability to move on. The overlapping of the vocals close to the end of the track merges with a screaming melody for a scintillating end.

Lyon Tide send out searching tendrils through a moving soundscape covered by gentle vocals in the engaging ‘Closure’. Through the single, you are filled with a yearning for an end to a floundering feeling. This is coupled with relatable lyrics and a captivating vocals performance.

Find out more about Lyon Tide on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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