Gedalya – The Lord is Kind (2020)

Many people see having faith as something that counters being successful. This is a concept that Gedalya takes on with his explorative single ‘The Lord is Kind’. Through the folk-rock soundscape, he tells the story of a man who could easily give up but doesn’t through the mercy of faith. Considering that both faith and success are a mindset, he fills you with a sense that you can pursue your dreams using faith or belief as a foundation.

The single continues the positive message he infuses into all his music. While faith plays a large role in the single, it is only a part of the motivating and uplifting track. Through the music, he wraps the strength to continue around you.

‘The Lord is Kind’ has a bouncing energy from the first note that puts a smile on your face. The shuffling beats and piano line create the perfect foundation for the storytelling lyrics. As the music wraps around you, your soul is put at ease and a light feeling invades your senses. The pace of the music is very easy while the flow of instrumentation has you relaxing into the story.

It is Gedalya’s vocals and the lyrics that really steal the show in this single. His voice is a calming balm that draws you into the story of the lyrics. They have a clear tale to tell filled with emotions that are relatable and empowering. You can see the story play out in vivid detail through the lyrics before you are filled with a sense of peace on the chorus. Gedalya has a way of sinking his messaging into your soul while filling you with positive emotions. The chorus has a vibe that makes you sing along before you realise what you are doing.

Gedalya uses vivid storytelling lyrics and a smooth vocal delivery to evoke emotions and peace in ‘The Lord is Kind’. Through the single, you are filled with an easy vibe while considering reaching for your dreams. The story and emotions of the track fill you with strength making you feel that anything is possible if you believe.

Find out more about Gedalya on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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