Macca Taylor – How It Goes (2021)

There are times when you need to take some time out from life to get your head sorted out. These moments have been taken by Macca Taylor and transformed into his single ‘How It Goes’. Jumping with metaphors and confusion, the single captures a brain with too much going on and turns it into a wonderful single.

Adding some synths and drums to his usual sound, Taylor ups the tempo of the track while keeping the lo-fi vibes. The catchy ode to confusion features a beautiful bassline from Jamie Evans. After growing up with a healthy obsession with music, Taylor takes parts of music he loves and blends it with personal experiences for sounds that are relatable and captivating.

The guitar opening of ‘How It Goes’ has an easy feeling to it. The wobbling synths that rest in the lower levels of the melody create a sensation of lights whipping past you too fast for you to get a lock onto them. This complements the guitars as they join for a sonic representation of a brain with a little too much on it. While creating this sensation, the melody does not overwhelm and actually offers a fairly stable thread for you to hold onto. It is a great melody that you can easily get into with some wonderful lo-fi vibes from the guitar. The bassline thrums under the acoustic guitar for a subtly beautiful flow.

Taylor’s vocals are smooth and easy matching the melody. He effortlessly pulls you into the lyrics that jump around a bit. This jumping meets the melody perfectly to create a sense of confusion while offering a path to sort everything else. There is a creative dichotomy within the single as you are faced with both confusion and a clear sense of how to sort everything out. Taylor’s vocals have a great rise and fall that is completely relatable while enveloping you in his emotions.

Macca Taylor creates an ode to confusion while offering you a path to sort out your emotions and head in ‘How It Goes’. The easy lo-fi vibes of his music are complemented by the subtle beauty of the bassline and whipping lights of the melody. His vocals are smooth and easy to fall into as he jumps into the metaphors of the lyrics and points you in the right direction for some sanity.

Find out more about Macca Taylor on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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