BTAV – Suspicion (2021)

Relationships can be hard, particularly when one person becomes suspicious of the other. BTAV turned the interplay this creates into his aptly titled single ‘Suspicion’. The track tells the story of a couple where one person is suspicious of the other which causes tension and annoyance within the relationship. A relatable story, it has been covered in engaging melodic elements turning it into a song that is really catchy.

With a combination of pop and trap, BTAV has you bouncing to his sound without any effort. Produced at home, the single draws on the experience BTAV has gained since sending an Instagram DM to his idol DJ Carnage about what DAW to use. Since then, he has dabbled in EDM subgenres and is using this musical project to explore fun and catchy house music.

‘Suspicion’ opens with vocals that are too catchy for their own good. You can’t help but be drawn into the flow of the vocals. There is a great dance feel to them that combines with the melody to get you dancing around to the sound. The lyrics have an almost playful feeling to them even as they detail suspicious and the annoyance this can bring. The vocals do have an electronic edge to them that enhances the dance feeling of them. There is a great layering to the performance that creates depth to the song elevating it from a pure dance track.

Beneath the vocals is a melody that is as catchy and danceable. The slight jangle to the opening gives way to some great dance beats. When the chorus hits, the melody picks up and shines with bright lights. In the lower levels, there is a building vibe to the beats that start running only to drop into a wonderfully melodic flow. There are these rises and falls throughout the melody that bolsters the emotions of the track while getting your body moving.

BTAV has you dancing around while telling the story of being suspicious and being annoyed at this in ‘Suspicion’. The dancing movement of the melody hooks you from the first second and will not let you go. The vocal and melody combine for an engaging listening experience that combines the best of dance and electronic pop.

Find out more about BTAV on his Instagram and Spotify.

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