MAESON – Good with Goodbye (2021)

MAESON takes an introspective turn with his single ‘Good with Goodbye’ which is the final track of his EP Love Bombed. Closing out the tear-stained confessions of the EP, this single brings a self-awareness wrapped around reflections on a toxic relationship. Relatable to anyone who has had their heartbroken, the song stacks RnB influences atop indie-pop sensibilities.

Driven by his desire to form meaningful connections, MAESON opens up through his music regarding his own experiences in a relatable way. The honesty and sincerity of his intentions shine through in the raw passion of his music. With threads that are easy to connect with even if you have not been in a similar situation, MAESON fills you with reflections and hope for the future.

‘Good with Goodbye’ grabs your attention with a pulsing opening. While these beats have a real dance vibe to them, they are tempered and have a richer depth that creates a seductive flow. The melody has a great RnB flow that is artfully woven into a contemporary arrangement that is paced yet floating. While it might seem simple at first glance, there is a delicate intricacy that balances different beats, flows and instruments for an arrangement that moves you dancingly forward. This movement is perfect when coupled with the lyrics that help you move on from the end of a relationship.

MAESON’s vocals shine against the beats of the opening as he pulls you into his thoughts detailed in the lyrics. There is a thread of resentment woven into the performance as he highlights all the bad things that the toxic person in the relationship made him feel. This is countered by the love he felt for the person only to swing into the realisation that the relationship is not good for him. There are a lot of empowering vibes in the single that fill you with strength. At times, the lyrics clap back at the person who used to tear you down only to shine with the power you feel as you leave them.

MAESON fills you with empowering vibes while considering moving on from a toxic relationship in ‘Good with Goodbye’. With a rich RnB flow, the track captures your senses while artfully balancing different melodic elements. His vocals bring the story and emotions to a raw life while offering you the strength to walk away.

Find out more about MAESON on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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