Robert Vendetta – Colombian Spice (2021)

There are times when you just need to dance and Robert Vendetta has the perfect song to get you moving. With a touch of James Brown, he honours a magical Colombian lady who made the most beautiful entrance in ‘Colombian Spice’. With a touch of old-school entertainment, Vendetta takes control of his soundscape for a sassy and energetic party anthem.

As a taster for his upcoming third solo album, the single will have you dancing to his rhythm. Drawing on a number of influences including the intensity of David Bowie and the grooves of James Brown, he adds a little charm and swag for a modern edge to some retro tones. If the single itself does not have you dancing around, the music video will fill you with the single’s energy.

‘Colombian Spice’ gets you grooving to the rhythm from the first second. There is an irresistible hook to the drums that take hold from the first second and have you sliding down the funky piano line. If you are able to resist dancing to the melody, your foot is at least going to be tapping to it. There is a great retro dance vibe to the music but this has been wrapped around a thread of modernity. You could easily get lost in the retro vibes of the music, but the contemporary edge of the music brings the single into modern music.

Vendetta’s vocals bring more of that fun retro energy as he gets you even more addicted to the single. The lively moments of his performance fill you with fun vibes only to drop for a more intense moment that is very David Bowie. The slower swell of music during this drop adds a depth to the emotions of the track before you are thrown back into the lively dancing vibes. There is a lot of fun to be had with this track from the irresistible melody to the melodic screams later in the track.

The music video brings the retro energy of the music to visual life. There are some James Brown slides alongside old-school coloured visuals. These vibes are enhanced by the clothing Vendetta is wearing. Vendetta is able to bring the fun energy of the single to life in the way he performs while paying tribute to the influences that touch this track. A relatively simple music video, it is unbelievably effective in making you happy and filling you with the energy of the track.

Robert Vendetta brings the dancing grooves of years past to life with a modern twist in the irresistible tones of ‘Colombian Spice’. With a melody that gets your dancing and energetic vocals, he pumps you full of fun vibes. The music video brings the influences for the song to the visuals while infusing even more energy into the track.

Find out more about Robert Vendetta on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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