Manneto – Mama Said (2020)

Mothers tend to have the best advice and opinions but we rarely listen to them when we need to. This is something that Manneto delves into with the astutely titled ‘Mama Said’. Through the single, he considers what his mother told him about some of the women he has dated and how he never listened to her. This all changes when he meets the wrong women and comes to a realisation that we all face at some point.

While the single taps into his own experience with toxic relationships and mother advice, it is one that is so easy to relate to. Set to a compelling soundscape, the single is engaging while offering some home truths that we all should take to heart. The official music video wraps the lyrics and messaging of the track into a stylish visual that draws the essence of the track and smartly lays it out.

The smooth RnB tones opening ‘Mama Said’ have a thread of melancholy woven into them. The light tones continue through the single as they weave between shuffling beats. The melody is a wonderful fusion of neo-soul, RnB and trap that creates a smouldering soundscape. Through the music, you are filled with a sense of regret countered by an acceptance.

These emotions perfectly match up with the lyrics and vocals. At first, you are hit with a deep electronic vocal line that sounds like it is coming at you through water. Manneto’s vocals then pulse against you as he pumps emotions through the lyrics. The interplay between his clearer vocals and those deep vocals adds an edge to the emotions of the track. The deeper vocals act as the darker emotions evoked by the story of the lyrics while the higher vocals are the upper level of conscious filled with acknowledgement and acceptance.

The official music video captures the smouldering soundscape from the first visual. This gives way to a more intimate visual that is interspersed with images of the woman his mother warned him about. The video captures the message and emotions of the track through a sensual visual that works so well with the flowing melody. The interplay of vocals is also brought to life through the blue-tinged imagery.

Manneto dips into the sadness of a relationship ending while acknowledging that he was warned in the smouldering ‘Mama Said’. Using an interplay of vocals covering a deep melody, Manneto captures the dark emotions of heartbreak and wraps them in a realisation that his mother was right. The official music video captures this process through blue-tinged and sensual imagery.

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