Marc Gallagher – Level Up (2018)

Image credit to Marc Gallagher

Marc Gallagher is a British alt-pop musician based in Nantwich.  His new album, Level Up, was released on May 12th of this year.

The first track ‘How Much I Love You’ starts off with lovely ukulele riffs and a nice strong drum beat.  It has very catchy vocals from Marc and is a beautiful love song; the lyrics sound very heartfelt, and the chorus is addictive.  ‘Brew In The Morning’ is a bit of a slower song; it’s about day to day life – waking up in the morning to birds calling and making yourself a lovely brew and going to work.  Beautiful ukulele work and vocals from Marc, some lovely electric guitar work too.

‘Anna’s Song’ sounds very country, it’s again beautiful vocal and ukulele, very catchy and makes you want to get up and dance.  ‘Bees Keep Buzzing’ begins with ukulele riffs and at 12 seconds in Marc’s vocals start and are beautifully sung.  At 46 seconds, the drumbeat begins and becomes heavier as the song progresses.  This is the song I found myself playing on repeat.

The track ‘Love Is Blind’ sounds a little bit like Johnny Cash, a bit of a country sound where he sings about going to work in the morning and about a girl he loves.  It’s beautifully sung, very heartfelt and very catchy.  Marc’s vocals kick in straight away on ‘Won’t Drink This Water’ it’s an impressive lovesong it starts off slow but at 1:12, it kicks in with a heavier sound.

‘Amore A Prima Vista’ has a beat that makes you want to dance, very country sound and a lot of fun.  ‘Grow On Me’ is about feeling a bit lonely and wanting to be with someone special that he’s got his eye on.  It’s beautifully done and very catchy. The track ‘Song For The Deaf’ is a bit heavier, guitar riffs and beautiful vocals. The final track ‘Water In The Wood’ sounds very rock and roll with awesome guitar riffs, bass line, and ukulele.

Marc’s vocals are excellent throughout sounding like Johnny Cash in some places and then very much The Smiths. Level Up is available to listen to on Spotify right now and is an album to be kept on repeat.  Check it out!

For more Marc Gallagher, check out his Facebook or Soundcloud.
Image courtesy of Marc Gallagher.


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