Track of the Day: Changing Tymz – Stand Up

In 2016, after hitting some roadblocks with original music and deciding to avoid the cover scene, Tony Rossi wanted to create something new and exciting. Driven by that desire to form a band, Rossi brought together several unique musicians and began walking that long road to Changing Tymz. A journey requiring time, patience, the ability to work in unison, musical talent and faith in God. The process of forming Changing Tymz took approximately three years, but in 2019 guitarist Eric Fenton rounded off the band. A hard rock band from the USA, Changing Tymz has a plethora of influences ranging from Iron Maiden and Judas Priest to Five Finger Death Punch and Dream Theater. Their latest release is the heart-pounding anthem that is ‘Stand Up’.

“‘Stand Up’ is about believing in yourself and your dreams. Don’t let anyone tell you your dreams aren’t real or that it can’t happen. Find your reason, get your answers and find the whispers of new beginnings.” – Changing Tymz on ‘Stand Up’

Find out more about Changing Tymz on their official website, YouTube, Facebook and Spotify.

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