Mariya May – Made of Stars (2022)

Mariya May is bringing a bit of psychedelia and rock to her usual sound of dramatic indie-folk in ‘Made of Stars’. The playful yet wistfully melancholic single adds another musical feather to her already packed cap, as she waves her musicality in new directions. A catchy tune that can easily get stuck in your head, the single balances melancholy with streaming sunlight lighting up the room.

While the single brings a touch of new sounds to her musical style, it continues to use her vocals as the strong centrepiece of her music. Blending various styles and genres, May has the ability to forge songs that are unique, while tipping in the best elements of familiar movements. With an extensive back catalogue, the urge to hear more after this track is easy to fulfil.

The guitar line that opens ‘Made of Stars’ instantly pulls you into the single. The shuffle of beats beneath this opening line adds depth to the sound while pushing you forward into the vocals. Horns make their way through the beats, before the melody tumbles and rolls together for a rich flow. The instrumentation combines perfectly to form the river of sound that catches you in its current and allows you to flow down the single. There is a streaming of light that comes through the music, like the sun filtering through the leaves of trees. There is a lot going on in the melody, with the different instruments moving forward together, before dropping and letting the horns lament their melancholy. You can’t stop listening to the melody because there is something hidden in the flow of sound that sinks into your brain, keeping you endlessly hooked.

As you are caught in the current of the music, May’s vocals croon into the single. Her performance is soft and gentle as she floats on the current of the music with you. There is an amazing connection and companionable feeling to her performance, like she is right next to you. At times, her performance drops into a wispy flutter before rising on powerful wings to take you soaring through the stratosphere. The chorus is catchy in its easy movement and you are sure to find yourself singing it at random times after hearing it.

Mariya May catches you in the rich current of ‘Made of Stars’ while her vocals float beside you and croon into your soul. The melody is rich as the instrumentation flows into each other and forms the river of sound leading you through the track. While the melody is impressive, her vocals provide the direction and soaring sweep that sends you gliding on air currents.

Find out more about Mariya May on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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