Mark Versluis ft Rachel Philipp – Out of Our Minds (2021)

If you are looking for a single to listen to as you get pumped for a night out, Mark Versluis has just what you need. ‘Out of Our Minds’ encourages you to let go of any worry and enjoy a night out on the town with friends. Bringing a touch of 90s nostalgia to the sound, Versluis teams up with Rachel Philipp for an energetic and vibrant track.

The two met online and Versluis fell in love with her voice as soon as he heard it. Together, they have created a track that you want to play as loud as possible as you get ready to head out for some fun. Combining his electronic production skills with her vocals, they have you dancing around and riding some vibrant energy.

‘Out of Our Minds’ hits the ground running with a layered opening of neon tones and dance vibes. The vocals and melody enter together for an engaging flow that grabs your attention and starts to fill you with the bright energy of the track. The melody pulses through your senses with a classic dance vibe that has your muscles moving before you really know what is happening. The lights and pulsing colours of the electronic tones are packed with energy that vibrates through you like a live wire. You can’t really listen to this track and not feel the urge to move to the music.

It is not only the music that fills you with the vibrant energy of a good time as Philipp’s vocals are packed with it. Her voice is a sweet layer over the electronic tone of the music that twirls around you like confetti. The chorus is super catchy and makes you want to close your eyes as you give in to the movement of the track. The lyrics capture the feeling of a night out that you feel will never end because you are having too much fun.

Mark Versluis and Rachel Philipp fill you with vibrant fun energy as they get you pumped for a night on the town in ‘Out of Our Minds’. From the first layered note to the last tone, they have you dancing to their rhythm and losing yourself in the music. Philipp’s vocals are sweet over the engaging tones of melody lifting worries off your chest and letting you have a blast.

Find out more about Mark Versluis on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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