Marquisette – The Star of The Show

The brainchild of singer-songwriter Doug Angior, Marquisette merges elements of folk-rock and country to form a unique sound. While a rather new project in the music scene, this UK-based artist is turning heads with airtime on BBC Introducing and several online radio stations. Still a work in progress, Marquisette is keeping his details to himself, but what we do know is he is inspired by everything “from ABBA to gabber”. Following his debut single, ‘I Wanna Make You My World’, Angior releases ‘The Star of the Show’.

The sophomore single from Marquisette, ‘The Star of the Show’ is a sonic representation of Southern country music despite Angior living in the UK. Moving from the collaborative electropop song ‘I Wanna Make You My World’, ‘The Star of the Show’ is steadier, smoother and more organic. While his debut track could easily be placed in a nightclub, the new single would probably suit the ol’ shindig barbeques.

Combining dynamic guitars and steady drums, Marquisette showcases his versatility as an artist. A complete 180-degree turn, ‘The Star of the Show’ has an acoustic-inspired traditional sound as compared to the previous synth-influenced track. Marquisette notes that while one can presume the song to be about a star, “the message is different to what you might expect and is a story really and a little bit tongue-in-cheek”…and the harmonic melody takes you through the tale.

Using a personal narrative, Marquisette effortlessly describes his experiences engaging the audience. Yes, the instrumentation plunges you into a hazy ambience; however, it is the lyrical execution that makes the song. Rich, warm vocals blanket you while the guitars and underlying drums carry you along a calm river.

A kaleidoscopic soundscape with several well-placed harmonies, ‘The Star of the Show’ is a sonic representation of a disappointing night out. Doug Angior’s brother summarises my impression of the track most accurately when he says “not as shit as I thought it would be!”. Truth be told, I actually love the single despite not being a fan of country music.

In addition to the single, Marquisette released a lyric video for ‘The Star of the Show’. You can view the video here.

For more from Marquisette check out his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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