Sarah Jane – Control Single Review

Freedom is something that can be restricted by those in power and through other means such as religion. The power these individuals have over everything we do is the basis for Sarah Jane’s new single ‘Control’. It touches on how easily control of everything is wrestled from us and how the freedom to have your own thoughts and be yourself can be restricted. This concept is brought to visual life in her official music video.

While the single looks at how we are all affected by the control of powerful people, there is something personal about the track. All the instruments are played by Jane and she recorded it herself before Adam Barns mixed and mastered it. This single also gives you a glimpse at her upcoming album Tainted Timeline.

The gentle guitar opening of ‘Control’ combines with this infectious drumbeat to get you into the vibe. There is a laid-back feeling to the melody for the verses that turns into something much grungier and harder hitting in the chorus. The swings between the verses and the chorus is a lot of fun to listen to and is handled with skill. There is a smoothness to the transitions allowing the melody to perfectly match up with the vocals.

Jane’s vocal performance has just the right amount of punch to get the emotions of the lyrics through. You can hear the passion in her voice during the chorus that pushes through your brain. The softer moments of her performance draw you into this honest and raw space that offers you an interesting intimacy considering the message of the track.

The official music video has this hazy feeling to the visuals that match the tone of the single. Setting the video out in nature is a great visual for the freedom spoken about in the song. There is an old-school grunge feel to this video from the cinematography to Jane standing in a field simply playing her guitar. It is a great music video for the single and encapsulates every aspect of the song perfectly.

Grungy vibes mixed with passion and a laid-back attitude are just the tip of the iceberg that is ‘Control’ by Sarah Jane. Taking a look at freedom lost, she uses a wonderful mix of punchy choruses with softer verses to draw you in and get you lost in her tale.

Find out more about Sarah Jane on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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