Marrow Lane – Alison (2020)

Love is not always felt toward another person, but the emotion is as encompassing regardless of the subject. This has been wonderfully captured in ‘Alison’, the new single from Marrow Lane. The central character of the single can be viewed as a person, the thrill of life or an object. Regardless of your view, she is a substance of love with all the emotions that come with her.

This look at love comes from Mitchell ‘Didds’ McKee (vocals, rhythm guitar), Marcello ‘Cello’ Macdonald (bass, vocals), Reuben ‘Rocko’ Lomas (drums) and Halley ‘H.K’ Kelly (lead guitar). Since coming together as Marrow Lane, they have released an EP, won a local radio competition and opened for San Cisco at North Queensland’s NAFA fest. Combining indie rock, reggae and surf-rock, the band gets you grooving to their punchy sound.

The high pitched opening notes of ‘Alison’ quickly turn to something a bit more rock as the guitars hit. There is a punchy vibe to the melody that makes your head move to the rhythm. The music has a touch of Jet to the tones, but there is a modern edge to the sound. Overall, it is a very easy melody that gets you invested in the music. The light touch of the music enhances the vocals and the feeling of love for something or someone.

McKee’s vocals continue the vibes of the melody as he smoothly enters. There is a surf-rock feeling to his performance at times, but this is eclipsed by the good vibes infused into his tone. His vocals have you wanting to sing along. The lyrics have a bit of ambiguity in them that allows you to interpret who Alison is based on what you want to hear. Regardless of the ambiguity, there is a sense of passion toward this figure that you can’t miss.

Marrow Lane shines a light on the encompassing feeling of love through their lively and punchy single ‘Alison’. The melody has a hint of old school indie rock combined with riffs and twists that get you moving to the beat. The vocals pack good vibes into your chest while getting you to sing along.

Find out more about Marrow Lane on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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