Lizzie Jack and the Beanstalks – Ben’s Backyard (2020)

Lizzie Jack and the Beanstalks are taking us back in time with their nostalgic single ‘Ben’s Backyard’. Radiating summer vibes, the single showcases the storytelling abilities of the band as you are transported to Jack’s late teen years. While steeped in nostalgia, there is a fun vibe to the track that will have you feeling uplifted.

These vibes are packed into the blended rock soundscape of the 4-piece. Formed in 2019 after being brought together by a broken washing machine, the band has become a staple in their home of Wollongong, Australia. Having shared the stage with The Gooch Palms and other local acts, they are ready to take the rest of us by storm.

‘Ben’s Backyard’ hits you with a nostalgic vibe from the first moment. The guitar line has a haziness of memories before it turns into something a little more indie rock/punk. When this turn happens, there is a really fun vibe to the melody that makes you want to move to it. The music makes you want to think back on the good times of late teen years with a smile. The guitar-driven melody has a great riff later in the track that helps you fly back in time before there is a dip in the soaring pace.

Jack’s vocals add to the nostalgic vibe of the melody while the lyrics lay out the memories of a fun summer. There is a raw honesty to her performance as she works through the different happenings of years past. The warm feeling in her vocals settles in your chest and combines with the vibes of the music for an engaging listening experience. The lyrics have a wonderful storytelling structure that perfectly paints the picture of the past without a melancholic haze.

Lizzie Jack and the Beanstalks take you on a fun trip back in time for late teen memories in ‘Ben’s Backyard’. The single combines raw vocals with honest lyrics and a melody that gets you moving. The nostalgic hit leaves a warm ember in your chest and a smile on your face.

Find out more about Lizzie Jack and the Beanstalks on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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