Martin Reynolds – The Sky Ain’t the Limit (2021)

Life is full of struggles that we have to overcome but threaten to overwhelm us. Challenging events and experiences are what led Martin Reynolds to create his single ‘The Sky Ain’t the Limit’. An extremely optimistic single, it faces these events head-on and comes out on the other side with a new lease on life. Through the positive vibes of the track, he reminds us to not forget who we are and to always focus on the bright side of life.

While Reynolds might be better known for playing in the band You Dirty Blue, his solo work is not to be ignored. His debut album, which features this single, is overwhelmingly optimistic and lifts you up from the negativity that the pandemic has left many stewing in. Written after the first lockdown, the hope and positivity transcends this extraordinary time and will help lift your spirits regardless of the hardship you are facing.

‘The Sky Ain’t the Limit’ strums into your ears with a tender folk guitar that has you swaying to its movement. The guitar-driven melody is soothing and softens the rough and hard edges in your soul that are caused by the challenges of life. The harmonica that rather mournfully calls out against the guitar adds texture to the track. While the melody is relatively minimalistic, the soft space it creates helps the vocals hit harder.

It is Reynolds’ vocals that are the real drawing card of the track. The melody provides a springboard for his vocals to soar across the beach of your soul. As he opens the track, there is a hesitance to his vocals that captures the feeling many face before taking the steps they need to in order to move on. The chorus is really catchy in its own chilled way as he lets you know that the limits you think are in place are only a starting point. It is very easy to connect with the single as it encapsulates a feeling we have all had at some point while gently pushing you toward the light of the situation.

Martin Reynolds helps you find the silver lining of any situation through the gentle and optimistic tones of ‘The Sky Ain’t the Limit’. The guitar-driven melody is minimalistic which helps soothe the rough edges that hardship causes. Reynolds’ vocals are as smooth as the melody and inundate you with positive vibes.

Find out more about Martin Reynolds on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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