Track of the Day: Transistor – Silver Lining

Apps bring people together apparently, but in the case of Transistor, it literally brought the foursome together. After a discovery via a music app when Patrick Davis (vocals and rhythm guitar) and Drew Sikes (vocals and lead guitar) found they lived in the same building, the lads technically began Transistor. Filling out the lineup with Mason Richardson (bass) and JT Ward (drums), the serendipitous situation brought a unique sound to listeners. Featured on Sinusoidal Music, Chalkpit Records, Our Sound Music and various radio stations, the lads have a global audience. The latest addition to their repertoire is ‘Silver Lining’.

Following their post-punk single ‘Shadowboxing’, the US-based quartet adopts a more indie-rock sound in ‘Silver Lining’. Think of a cross between Oasis, Joy Division and Tame Impala and you might have some idea of what Transistor is all about. Yes, the melody is outstanding with the pounding drums and dynamic guitars, but it is the lyrical content that shows the true depth of material and sophistication as a band.

A conceptual piece, ‘Silver Lining’ is a song about, well, a silver lining in our gritty existence. Penned as a tale about Davis’ mother’s struggle with terminal cancer, the track has a poignancy in its personal narrative. Yet, while the track has a melancholic undertone, it remains an upbeat, jovial and toe-tapping single exploring the happiness found in despair. Davis shares that “‘Silver Lining’ is upbeat and energetic because that’s how she was all the way up until her last days. It is referring to her searching for meaning and something to hold onto in her life despite being dealt a terrible hand.”

Not necessarily empowering but definitely positive in a sad way, ‘Silver Lining’ marks the light at the end of a strenuous tunnel. Davis’ rich vocals retain a sense of warmth and caring enhancing the significance of ‘Silver Lining’. Overall, I really enjoy the tune with its well-arranged melody, harmonic sounds and sense of “warm fuzzies” throughout the single. I am eager to see what else the band has in store.

For more from Transistor check out their official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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