Finch Faux – So Let It Begin (2021)

Many of us have felt like we have lost something and don’t know if we will ever be able to find it again. This has been picked up by Finch Faux for her debut single ‘So Let It Begin’. With a lo-fi dream pop sway, the single reflects on what has been lost while transporting you to days spent thinking under a tree.

While this is her first release, Finch Faux has been writing music since age 12. This is one of the older songs that make up her debut album, but the timeless thoughts and emotions woven into it means you can listen to it at any point. While she is elated to finally share her music with the world, we are happy to listen and pleased that she has decided to do so.

The soft line that opens ‘So Let It Begin’ has you relaxing into the soundscape and thinking of a gentle breeze wafting through long grass. The melody has you breathing deeply and sinking into a contemplative and reflective state of mind. As the single progresses, the melody picks up for a swell of bright sweeping thoughts. Through all of this, the tenderness of the music continues to sink into you and draws you into her contemplations. The melody is really amazing as the softness of the higher tones soften the ground beneath you while the deep tones warble with a darkness that could rise up and overtake everything.

As you rest on the melody, the vocals lull your senses and relax your muscles. There is an airy feeling to the performance as she draws your attention to moments past. While delicately delving into memories, she draws up the emotions of the time while making you think about how these emotions changed over time. The rise in her vocals sends shivers skittering down your arms while your mind reaches out into the ether. It is a rather immersive single that really captures your senses.

Finch Faux draws you into a dreamy contemplation of memories and emotions while sinking into the soft ground of ‘So Let It Begin’. Every element of the single adds to the immersive nature of the track that completely covers your senses and draws you into her soundscape. The gentle tones rise with the vocals before delicate synths pulse against you as your thoughts that which is lost and may never be found.

Find out more about Finch Faux on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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