MarzB – Friends (2021)

If you are looking for an artist who embraces individualism and is comfortable in their own skin, you have landed in the right place. This is what MarzB brings to the music scene while his love and passion for music shines through ‘Friends’. Washed with RnB tones, the single brings a sense of comfort that wraps its arms around you and soothes your rough edges.

While MarzB comes from a musical family, his own way of doing things brings a unique flavour to his music. Incorporating 90s RnB tones into his contemporary movements, he wraps soulful sounds around his early Gospel roots. Every aspect of his life and ethos comes together to form his music which fills you with light and bright colours.

‘Friends’ zings and bubbles beneath you before the electronic tones tap against your brain. The melody brings the depths of RnB beats to the playful electronic tones for a smooth and rather seductive slide. As you slide between the notes of the melody, you sink into the richness of the track. While there are distinct lines to the melody, the rest on each other perfectly. The lines slot together like a puzzle to form a solid ribbon of velveteen sound that draws you ever forward into the single.

The smooth slide is felt in the vocals as well as they drip RnB goodness into your senses. The autotune edge to the vocals complements the electronic notes in the melody while the organic tones add to the richness of the melodic slide. MarzB’s vocals have a touch of 90s RnB to them but this is mixed with a more contemporary vibe. The lyrics tell a story that many people can relate to as it tells the tale of one-sided affection and the understanding that people can still be friends.

MarzB slides into your ears with a touch of old school RnB while telling a relatable story in ‘Friends’. There is a slick smoothness to the melody that resonates with a deep richness. His vocals carry this richness to the higher levels of the track while balancing electronic and organic tones.

Find out more about MarzB on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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