Pennan Brae – Weed & Whiskey Women (2021)

Pennan Brae is bringing the musing of a wild youth to our ears with ‘Weed & Whiskey Women’. With a mix of pop and old school Southern rock & roll, he reflects on a past life of wild abandon and the desire to get onto the straight and narrow. A really engaging story that hits all the right notes, the single playfully pulls on old and new melodic elements.

As the lead single from his upcoming ninth album, it gives you a taste of what the album has in store for us. With an engaging back catalogue, Brae has you falling into captivating stories while getting down to his sound. If you are in the mood for a single that is reflective and brings old and new music together, you are in the right place.

‘Weed & Whiskey Women’ taps into life before warbling synth tones draw your attention to them. There is a really interesting movement to the melody that is somewhat nostalgic but mostly playful. The lower levels have your feet tapping to their popping tones while the higher levels are packed with an amalgamation of electronic tones. It is a captivating mixture of electronic pop and a deep touch of rock and roll.

While the melody has you locked in place with its seriously unique tones, Brae’s vocals have you falling into the musing of the lyrics. His voice has an electronic edge to it that creates an echo at times while casting your mind in the past. The female backing vocals bring a sultry edge to the track that enhances the thoughts of past wild times. As the single continues, the chorus picks up the desire to head onto the straight and narrow. The electronic edge and haziness that follows in the vocals bring a sense that everything is coming through a layer of whiskey.

Pennan Brae muses on a life of wild times before dipping into the desire to walk the straight and narrow in the blended tones of ‘Weed & Whiskey Women’. The single has an intriguing mixture of melodic styles and electronic tones that keep you under Brae’s spell. His vocals bring the desire to change to life while almost fondly looking back on the wild times.

Find out more about Pennan Brae on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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