The Infinite Daisy Chains – Paper Tigers (2021)

All of us face stressors each day, often without even realising that they are there. The Infinite Daisy Chains are lamenting the existence of these stressors with the tender ‘Paper Tigers’. Using the metaphor of paper tigers, they consider the stressors of life that often preoccupy our thoughts with their threatening appearance.

This lament of the things that consume our energy every day comes from the dynamic duo Ian Dandridge (guitars, backing vocals, synths) and Kristina Westernik-Dandridge (vocals, violin, drum machines). Since they met at a rehearsal in a dimly lit garage, they have not only got married but have been spreading a message of hope through their music. With music that touches on heavy emotions, they bring listeners into the light of hope and positive vibes.

‘Paper Tigers’ grabs your attention with a rolling progressive opening that you can’t help but follow into the body of the music. The guitars call and wash over the rolling synths for a layered and beautifully textured melody. The way the music sweeps over your senses is like a river rushing past you while also calling for you to float downstream. There is a build-up through the verses that lead to a gentle explosion in the chorus. This rise and fall continues throughout the single to keep you moving forward with the music.

As you are pulled into the music and float down the sonic stream, the vocals shine down on you like a warm sun. The lyrics bring the stressors of the world to life and acknowledge the anxiety they can cause. This builds in the verses only to exhale on the chorus as you break free from the hold they have on you. The vocals are delicate and light like a white cloud drifting slowly across the sky. The way the vocals and melody come together is rather magical and will have you closing your eyes to simply take it all in.

The Infinite Daisy Chains consider the stressors of daily life before gently breaking free and taking listeners along for the ride in ‘Paper Tigers’. The melody is a lovely gentle flow that you can easily sink into. The delicate vocals warm you while acknowledging the issues we all face each day before lifting them from your shoulders.

Find out more about The Infinite Daisy Chains on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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