Matt Bednarsky – Finish Line (2022)

Every day there are new innovations in technology and society, but what are these innovations moving us toward? This is a question that Matt Bednarsky brings up in his single ‘Finish Line’ which acts as both a questioning of what is happening and a call to action. Through the driving beat and electric guitar, he urges all of us to think deeply about where we are heading as a society and consider all the details.

While questioning and rallying through the single, Bednarsky blends rock and pop sensibilities with some classic sounds. The thought-provoking lyrics also provide a taster for his upcoming fifth studio album. If this is your introduction to his music, you will quickly see why his music has featured on multiple TV placements and been used in a promotional video that was shown at the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference.

‘Finish Line’ hits you with the driving beat from the first moment and gets your head bopping to its rhythm. Resting over the driving beat is a light guitar strum that accentuates the questions that open the vocals. A shimmering guitar tone flows out as you head toward the chorus. The melody twines an easy soft rock drive into some pop sensibilities for a steady melody that pulls you through the single. The constant drive of the drums is great and keeps you bopping around to the sound, as the guitars start to build higher and flow further into the soundscape.

While the melody has you bopping around and flowing through the single, it is Bednarsky’s vocals and the lyrics that pack the real punch of the track. The opening verse is packed with a lot of questions that really get you thinking about the modern world. The chorus continues this questioning, but adds a plea to consider where we are going with what we are doing. He has this amazing ability to get you thinking about the impact of constant innovation without losing any of the engaging fun of his music. While asking questions and pleading with us, his performance is extremely catchy and you are going to be singing along to the chorus. The smoothness of his vocals adds to the power of the single as his performance easily slides into your brain.

Matt Bednarsky drives us into thought-provoking lyrics that look at the trajectory of the world, with a steady beat and engaging guitars in ‘Finish Line’. The melody has you bopping to the rhythm from the first note to the very end. While the music forms a steady flow, the vocals get you thinking, while having a great time listening to his smooth voice.

Find out more about Matt Bednarsky on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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