AI – Prosper Park (2020)

AI are bringing the spontaneity of youth to our ears through the dance beats and electricity of ‘Prosper Park’. With a sexy flow twirling around post-punk and dark pop tones, the duo draws you into the heat for a touch of electric skin that you aren’t going to forget. If you are looking to get away from the world for just a moment, this is the track that you need to listen to.

The ride into moving dance beats flows with the same eases as their single ‘Don’t You (Get Carried Away)’.  With music that bursts with energy, Bobby Cheatham and Liz Feezor leave negativity in their wake have you moving to the music of your soul. While paying homage to the emotions that make us human, they bring the modern influence of machines into play.

The deep beat of ‘Prosper Park’ has your head bopping to its rhythm. The depths of the beats vibrate in your chest before the pulse of guitars brings a touch of dark pop to your ears. The music has a marching feeling that pulls you into the track before everything flutters on the breeze. There is an amazing interplay between the depths of the single and the lighter tones that beckon you to Prosper Park. While the wash of lighter tones brings a brighter edge to the track, there is a darkness that whirls around. This darkness is quite irresistible as it pulls you into the story of the lyrics.

The lyrics play out a story of youthful spontaneity, passion and heat that the duo effortlessly pulls you into. The vocals bring a retro vibe to the track as you swirl in the mire of youthful indiscretions. It is a really seductive single that has you fully under its spell by the time the second verse hits. Through all of this, is a tentative excitement that is tempered by the dark feeling of the melody.

AI effortlessly pull you under their spell with the dark swirls of spontaneity, youth and heat wrapped in retro vibes that is ‘Prosper Park’. There is an irresistible pull to the music that brings dark pop sensibilities that a deep and heady beat. The vocals tell the story of seductive youthful decisions and carefree attitudes.

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