Folsom – Bonzai (2020)

Are you in need of some good vibes hard rock style? Well, French band Folsom is here to give you the heavy blues-rock shock that you need with their single ‘Bonzai’. Filtering their frustrations into their music, the single is a blast of their energy and good vibes to help you get through the dark days.

Consisting of Peter Cattet (vocals, guitar), Florian Garcin (lead guitar), Théo Defranoux (bass) and Léo Flank (drums), the band has spent their time at home feeling constrained. As a live band, lockdown has left them feeling like a bonsai. A tree in a jar that is just too small and making them want to jump out.

‘Bonzai’ draws you in with a light guitar over pounding guitars. The bluesy feeling to the music has a rock edge that hits harder as the song continues. The melody moves from the rather soothing opening to a heavier hard rock sound. The guitars are both pounding and soaring as they pull you in the direction the band wants you to go. The melody is very catchy and hooks you while getting your head moving to the beat.

Cattet’s vocals add to the heaviness and melodic flow of the melody. At times, his performance could be something out of a metal band only to swing into a more melodic rock performance. His performance combines with the melody to give you the burst of energy that you might need right now.

The music video for ‘Bonzai’ lets you get into the music in a different way. The video starts with the band playing in a field and Cattet singing into a mic between the trees. As the song progresses, night creeps in and all you are left with is the silhouette of the band as they play against a backing light. Later in the video, there are some flashing lights during the guitar solo which could be hard to watch for anyone who is photosensitive.

Folsom fill you with some good hard rock vibes as they mould their frustration into ‘Bonzai’. The track is both heavy and melodic with various elements adding to the overall flow of the song.

Find out more about Folsom on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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