Neepz – Ras Warrior (2020)

Neepz is teaming up with Najashi to hit you with the core of reggae culture in ‘Ras Warrior’. While the single talks about all the people standing up for their rights, there is also an inspirational push to the song. Looking to bring both enlightenment and conscious thought, the pair encourage you to take care of yourself and other people. With everything going on in the world, this song has the message that you might need right now.

While Neepz brings the soul of Trinidad & Tobago, Najashi flows through with sounds of Jamaican hip-hop. Chilean pianist Rob C. is also featured on the track to add a splash of extra keys to the instrumentation. Whether reggae and hip-hop is your thing or not, this single will hit you with some of the vibes you really need.

‘Ras Warrior’ gets you pumped up from the first second with this rich and full-on opening. The melody keeps pulsing through you at this great pace. For the chorus, there are these notes that pop up from the depths of the melody that make you move your head to them. The steadiness of the melody forms the perfect foundation for both Neepz and Najashi.

The vocals waste no time in rallying your fighting spirit while highlighting those who are already fighting for what is right. The vocals sweep through you and you can’t help but get into the vibe they create. They have this smooth flow to them while they hit you with some heavy subject matter. It is worth taking the time to carefully listen to what is being said.

Neepz and Najashi use their infectious beats to pump up your spirits and make you want to fight for your rights and those of others in ‘Ras Warrior’. From the first moment, you are swept up in their captivating sound and they do not let go until the last note. While easy to listen to, there is something much heavier lurking in the track as with all great reggae songs.

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