Mattias Lies – The Great Divide (2021)

Mattias Lies tempers feel-good musical vibes with relationships, low self-esteem and difficult behaviour in his single ‘The Great Divide’. Through the single, he considers how we learn so much more about another person when we enter a relationship. At these times, it can feel like waking from a dream as you try to balance what you believed about someone with what you slowly discover.

Drawing on his own insights into relationships and human behaviour, Lies takes listeners on a wonderful journey of self-discovery and relationship development. Over the years, he has used music as therapy and to create a moral compass that makes the world easier to understand. This really comes through in his sound as he effortlessly pulls you into his thoughts and leads you to something greater.

The piano line that opens ‘The Great Divide’ has a reaching depth that really draws you into the track. The stripped-back feeling of the opening allows the vocals to really shine through. A shiver races through the soundscape before the upbeat and light tones burst through the surface like a glittering explosion. The lighter tones continue through the single and bring the upbeat and uplifting vibes of the track. Through the music, you can feel the darkness on your soul breaking away and fluttering away into the ether. It is a really wonderful movement that helps you breathe a little easier and puts a little smile on your face.

Lies’ vocals call to your soul over the gentle piano that opens the track. There is a poetic turn to the lyrics that add a sense of depth to the message. The imagery he weaves into the lyrics are powerful and really connect with a part of your soul that you never knew needed nurturing. His voice is a soothing balm over your skin while slinging a friendly arm around you to comfort you. The chorus sweeps through your senses and has you feeling the ruffle of a gentle breeze.

Mattias Lies soothes the aches in your soul while balancing struggles with good vibes in the sweeping tones of ‘The Great Divide’. The music opens with a depth that only increases as the single progresses. Lies’ vocals are smooth and wonderful as they wrap around your sense and draw you close.

Find out more about Mattias Lies on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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