Maybe Hazel – Fist Fight (2020)

It is a fact of life that we are not able to win every fight we get into. This fact is wonderfully portrayed in ‘Fist Fight’ by Maybe Hazel. Expressing the feelings of being outmatched in a fist fight, the single delves deeper than the physical confrontation. It looks at the punches life throws at you and how you need to roll with them before moving on.

Greg (vocals), Preston (drums), Seth (lead guitar), Wood (rhythm guitar) and Zach (bass) provide this perspective on life to a surf-rock soundscape. After meeting on Craigslist, the band has been making a splash with their unique surf sounds. They continue to ride through your senses with specific lyrics, surf sensibilities and a howling chorus.

‘Fist Fight’ hits you with the band’s unique surf sound from the first note. There is a lively vibe to the melody from the very start that has you moving your head to the rhythm. Through the music, you are filled with the upbeat vibe of the track that has you full of good vibes. These vibes might seem at odds with the lyrics, but work perfectly with the underlying messaging of the track. The best thing about the melody is that it is so unique as it combines light surf-rock sensibilities with something that is purely Maybe Hazel.

The flow of Greg’s vocals adds to the upbeat energy of the single. The lyrics are very literal as they walk you through a fist fight and how they are losing it. As you work through the literal lyrics, there is something more metaphorical resting below. Through the tale of the fight, the band lets you know that you can roll with the pain of the punches. This is particularly clear in the howling chorus that soars through you.

Maybe Hazel fill you with an upbeat vibe and inundate your senses with their surf-rock sounds as you roll with the punches of ‘Fist Fight’. The lively melody engages you from the first moment and fills you with good vibes. The literal lyrics hide the more metaphorical message of the track which shines through on the catchy chorus.

Find out more about Maybe Hazel on their Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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