Track of the Day: Gaby K – Ain’t Worth The Fight

Hailing from Birmingham, England, Gaby K is a talented twenty-something making waves in the UK pop industry. Known for her engaging performances and down-to-earth persona, Gaby is building a reputation for soulful and intriguing music. Inspired by the likes of Lauren Hill, Lily Allen and Emeli Sande, this English songstress has a unique, edgy sound for the 21st-century. Her latest release is the single ‘Ain’t Worth The Fight’.

Reminiscent of the iconic soul singer Amy Winehouse, Gaby K showcases a unique and impassioned sound in ‘Ain’t Worth The Fight’. Exploring issues of empowerment and self-confidence, the track is a highly relatable one engaging listeners not only with its raw honesty but its relevancy. While the soothing instrumentation and vocal tone are enchanting, it is her versatility and eclecticism that truly captures one’s attention. Head-bopping but with a lyrical poignancy, ‘Ain’t Worth The Fight’ is a true show-stopper.

“This song is all about empowerment. We should not settle for someone who does not give us the time and effort we deserve. In my opinion, for a healthy and successful relationship, it’s not about materialistic items but rather the priceless effort and attention that you give and is reciprocated. If someone doesn’t feel they need or want to do that and you are having to constantly fight them and ask for something that should be effortless, then it’s not worth it. It is not worth fighting for someone who won’t fight for you.” – Gaby K on ‘Ain’t Worth The Fight’

Find out more about Gaby K on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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